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Marine, Coastal and Civil Engineering

A port, coastal and civil engineering firm committed to providing high client value through innovative, economic marine infrastructure design solutions and specialist contractual and construction supervision support.

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Advisory Services

We have the knowledge and skills to advise and consult on marine and civil engineering projects, pre and post tender services, feasibility studies and reports and specialist contractual advice and dispute resolution services.

Qualified Professionals

MCC’s team consists of professionally qualified civil, marine, coastal, structural and geotechnical engineers with extensive experience in a wide range of civil and marine disciplines.

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Versatile and Experienced

Comfortable working with end clients, contractors and consultants. Our staff have experience across Europe, the Far East, India and Africa but with recent focus on the Middle East. ​

Who we are

About Us

MCC offers an extensive range of marine and civil engineering services providing economical solutions for all engineering stages of a construction project, from feasibility studies, concept designs, site investigations, detailed design, tender documents, construction supervision services and project wrap ups. We also provide specialist peer reviews, contract administration and dispute resolution advice.


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What we do

Our Capabilities

The following services fall within our core capabilities.

Dredging and Reclamation

Design and supervise cost effective reclamation platforms and navigational channels.

Quay Wall, Piers, Promenades and Jetties

Design of sheet pile walls, mass concrete walls, caisson wall, coping beams, piled jetties, mass concrete and reinforced concrete walls.

Beaches and Beach Maintenance

Design of new public and private beaches. Evaluating, improving and maintaining of existing beaches.

Breakwater and Revetments

Design of cost effective rubble mound breakwaters and concrete unit breakwaters.

Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution

Assist clients with the planning, creation, and completion of projects. Our Advisory Services also extend to pre and post contract Administrative advise and Dispute Resolution procedures.

Flooding and Coastal Edge Protection

Assess flooding zones, determining setback lines and design of coastal edge protection.

Marinas, Ports and Harbours

Design of high-end marinas to greenfield ports.

Numerical Modelling

Spectral Wave Modeling
Boussinesq Wave Modelling
Shoreline Morphology Modelling
Sediment & Mud Transport Modelling
Hydrodynamic Modelling
Advection-Dispersion Modelling
Beach Modelling

Feasibility Studies

Assess the viability of a project, determine and mitigate risks, opportunities, costs and benefits and suggest strategies to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve outcomes.

Site Investigations​

Plan, define, obtain, oversee, and analyse site investigations on both land and in the sea. Prepare geotechnical interpretive reports.

Master Planning and Navigation Studies

Establish short and long-term planning that provides a vision and a framework for ports and marine developments.

Delivering results, reliability, & dependability.

We develop creative, comprehensive, and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive.

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