Quay Walls, Piers, Promenades and Jetties

MCC are well experienced with the design of robust coastal infrastructure, specializing in sheet pile walls, mass concrete walls, reinforced quay walls, caisson walls, and coping beams. Our engineering prowess, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, ensures the creation of resilient structures that withstand coastal dynamics.

Core Competencies

Sheet Pile Walls:

MCC excels in the design of sheet pile walls, employing innovative engineering solutions to provide effective coastal protection against erosion, tidal forces, and storm surges.

Mass Concrete Walls:

Our expertise extends to the design of mass concrete walls, ensuring structural stability and longevity. We consider factors such as wave impact, corrosion resistance, and environmental sustainability.

Reinforced Quay Walls:

We specialize in the design of reinforced quay walls, integrating advanced structural engineering with a thorough understanding of maritime operations to optimize berthing facilities.

Caisson Walls:

MCC is at the forefront of designing caisson walls, providing robust solutions for coastal protection and infrastructure stability in areas prone to significant wave forces and dynamic marine conditions.

Coping Beams:

Our designs incorporate coping beams, offering structural support and enhancing the stability of coastal structures. We consider factors such as load distribution, material selection, and environmental impact.