Numerical Modelling

MCC offers offering a holistic suite of services that encompasses the establishment of metocean conditions, hydrodynamic modelling, wave climate analysis, sediment transport simulation, morphology studies, and water quality assessments. Our advanced modelling capabilities provide precise insights, enabling informed decision-making in diverse marine environments.

Core Competencies

Metocean Condition Establishment:

MCC specializes in establishing metocean conditions, incorporating meteorological and oceanographic data. This foundational step ensures a comprehensive understanding of environmental factors influencing marine projects.

Hydrodynamic Modelling:

We employ cutting-edge hydrodynamic models to simulate water flow patterns, currents, and tidal variations. This expertise is vital for projects ranging from coastal developments to navigational infrastructure planning.

Wave Climate, Transformation, and Penetration:

Our analysis extends to wave climate, where we simulate transformations and assess penetration characteristics. This information is critical for designing structures and ensuring safe navigation in dynamic marine environments.

Sediment Transport Modelling:

MCC conducts detailed sediment transport simulations, providing insights into sediment movement, deposition, and erosion patterns. This knowledge is essential for optimizing dredging, reclamation, and coastal engineering projects.

Morphology Studies:

Numerical models are utilized to simulate coastal morphological changes, offering valuable insights into shoreline evolution, erosion dynamics, and the impacts of engineering interventions on coastal morphology.

Water Quality and Plume Dispersion:

MCC’s models extend to water quality parameters and plume dispersion, assessing the spread of pollutants or effluents. This is crucial for environmental impact assessments and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.