Master planning and Navigation Studies

MCC is a leading authority in the master planning of ports, marinas, coastal developments, and navigation studies. MCC offers a comprehensive range of services dedicated to optimizing maritime infrastructure for sustainable and strategic development.

Core Competencies

Port Master Planning:

MCC excels in crafting port master plans that strategically organize infrastructure, optimize navigational channels, berthing and cargo handling.

Marina and Coastal Development:

Our expertise extends to master planning for marinas and coastal developments, integrating innovative designs, sustainable practices, and community engagement for dynamic waterfront spaces.

Navigation Studies:

We specialize in the procurement of bathymetric surveys, utilizing advanced equipment to map underwater terrain with high accuracy. Our surveys support navigation, dredging, and the design of marine structures.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Our approach involves active stakeholder engagement, fostering collaboration with local communities, government bodies, and industry stakeholders to align projects with broader economic and social objectives.

Infrastructure Integration:

We prioritize seamless integration of various infrastructure components, ensuring that ports, marinas, and coastal developments work cohesively within the surrounding urban and natural environments