Breakwater and Revetments

MCC has undertaken comprehensive designs of coastal protection structures, specializing in breakwaters and revetment structures with either rock and concrete armor units. Our expertise integrates advanced engineering principles with environmental consciousness to deliver resilient and sustainable coastal solutions. MCC conducts rigorous wave and hydrodynamic analyses to understand site-specific conditions, optimizing the design of breakwaters, revetments, and armor units for maximum efficiency. Thorough geotechnical assessments guide our designs, ensuring the stable and resilient placement of rock and concrete armor units on the seabed. Our designs carefully consider the selection of materials for rock and concrete armor units, ensuring durability, resistance to environmental forces, and compatibility with the natural ecosystem.

Core Competencies

Breakwater Design:

MCC excels in creating breakwaters that efficiently dissipate wave energy, ensuring coastal resilience and safeguarding maritime infrastructure. Our designs are tailored to site-specific wave conditions, offering optimal protection.

Revetment Design:

We specialize in revetment designs that stabilize shorelines, prevent erosion, and provide a durable defense against wave action. Our solutions balance functionality, aesthetics, and long-term sustainability.