Marina, Ports and Harbours

MCC staff are experienced with the design of marinas, ports, and harbours, offering comprehensive solutions that merge engineering excellence with environmental sustainability. With a proven track record, MCC is dedicated to creating maritime infrastructure that facilitates efficient operations, ensures safety, and harmonizes with the surrounding ecosystem.

Core Competencies

Marina Design:

MCC specializes in crafting marina designs that optimise berthing capacity, navigational safety, and user experience. Our designs consider the unique needs of varying vessel sizes, from private yachts to commercial fleets.

Port Planning and Design:

We excel in port planning and design, developing layouts that enhance cargo handling, logistics, and overall port efficiency. Our solutions balance economic interests with environmental stewardship.

Harbour Engineering:

MCC brings expertise in harbour engineering, focusing on the structural integrity of quay walls, breakwaters, and navigational channels. Our designs prioritise resilience against environmental forces and accommodate diverse maritime activities.

Numerical Modelling:

We leverage sate of the art numerical models to understand wave climates, currents, and sediment transport, enabling us to optimise designs for safety and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Impact Mitigation:

Our designs incorporate measures to mitigate environmental impact, ensuring that marinas, ports, and harbors coexist harmoniously with the surrounding natural habitats.

Regulatory Compliance:

MCC navigates complex regulatory landscapes, securing necessary permits and approvals to ensure that designs align with local, national, and international regulations.