Feasibility Studies

MCC undertakes comprehensive feasibility studies tailored to reclamation projects, marinas, harbours, ports, marine intakes, and outfall structures. With a legacy of successful projects, we bring a blend of technical expertise, innovation, and sustainability to deliver actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Core Competencies:

Reclamation Projects:

Our proficiency in conducting feasibility studies for reclamation projects involves a holistic approach, considering environmental impact, economic viability, and engineering feasibility to unlock the potential of coastal areas.

Marinas and Harbours:

MCC specializes in assessing the feasibility of marinas and harbours, evaluating factors such as navigational safety, berthing capacity, and economic sustainability to guide successful developments.


Our team conducts in-depth studies for port feasibility, examining logistics, cargo handling capacities, and infrastructure requirements to optimize port operations and enhance regional connectivity.

Marine Intakes and Outfalls:

We have a proven track record in assessing the feasibility of marine intakes and outfalls, ensuring optimal water quality management, energy efficiency, and environmental compliance.

Technical and Environmental Analysis:

MCC conducts rigorous technical and environmental analyses, assessing the potential impacts of proposed projects on ecosystems, water quality, and surrounding communities.

Economic Viability:

Our expertise extends to evaluating the economic viability of marine infrastructure projects, considering cost-benefit analyses, return on investment, and long-term financial sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance:

MCC navigates complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring that feasibility studies align with local, national, and international regulations, securing necessary permits and approvals.