East Sitra Housing Project

land reclamation Bahrain housing project

The East Sitra Housing Project (ESHP) was a national initiative in Bahrain, aimed at reclaiming land off the eastern coast, covering 550 hectares with 25km of rock revetment and concrete marine structures. John Barnes, the Project Director, oversaw the project from design to completion. His role included Hydrodynamic Modelling and Flushing Studies during the design stages, and he was responsible for supervising the project’s successful delivery.

ESHP required coordination with multiple stakeholders, and several smaller areas were designed and reclaimed in Hidd and Galali. Military housing, a platform for communication towers, and an area adjacent to an existing fishing harbor were also constructed as part of the project. A 1km-long causeway, including four large concrete flushing culverts, was built, along with a weir and recirculation separation bund.

Engineers who are now part of the MCC team conducted a sand search that identified millions of M3 of potential sand for government projects. This sand was used in ESHP after securing approval for its use. The project spanned four sites and was of national importance.
ESHP was a complex and massive undertaking, requiring extensive planning and coordination among multiple parties. The project’s successful completion was a significant milestone in Bahrain’s development and showcases MCC’s staff’s range of expertise and adaptability.

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